Yarra Valley Lodge, Chirnside Park, Victoria, Australia
07 - 08 May, 2019

Sveta Freidman

Director of Data & Analytics

3:50 PM Lightning Talks: Embedding Experimental Testing And Learning To Deliver Innovative Use Cases Of Business Data

With the market still in its infancy around data-driven decision making, a riskaverse approach tends to be taken towards data science which stifles innovative use cases from developing.

If an innovative testing and experimental environment can be fostered, data science can help the business predict outcomes and in-turn influence the bottom line through evidence backed decisions.

This session will see 3 leaders take 10 minutes each to run through how they are using innovative experimental methods with data modelling and data science to help the business drive informed prescriptive decision making with pre-outlined benefits to the business.

The floor will then open to the attendees to share their challenges around enabling this culture and have the leaders provide their take on potential solutions.

12:10 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Establishing An Analytics Team That Supports And Transforms The Business Into A Cohesive Data-Driven Unit

This panel will look at examples, explore what others are looking at, and asses which technologies and recruitment policies are being used by businesses to establish a successful data & analytics team. The data leaders will address:

  • The core competencies of a successful data & analytics team
  • Attracting the right talent that is aligned with and champions the business’s data-driven agenda
  • Empowering your staff with the right toolsets and capabilities to deliver on the strategy
  • How agile/project management techniques can bring agility and efficiency into the analytics teams


Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Sveta.

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