Yarra Valley Lodge, Chirnside Park, Victoria, Australia
07 - 08 May, 2019

Matt Minor

Head of Group Data and Analytics

2:30 PM Building A Self-Service Platform And Keeping The Business Accountable For Investment

In 2018, Blackmore’s began the process of consolidating its reporting needs into a common Data Platform across a group operating in 13 markets across APAC. Investment was secured on the basis of creating a self-service data platform to enable business-wide data accessibility. In doing so, not only are business leaders now taking accountability for data, but they are able to make decisions based on informed data knowledge. In this session, hear Matt discuss:

  • How Blackmore’s implemented the self-service platform into the business
  • Tracking benefit realisation of self-service platforms
  • Encouraging the use of self-service on curated data
  • Keeping stakeholders engaged and accountable