Yarra Valley Lodge, Chirnside Park, Victoria, Australia
07 - 08 May, 2019

Ben Pattison

Head of Customer Data Science

10:40 AM BrainWeaveâ„¢ - Selling the Application of Data Science to Business Stakeholders and Demonstrating Business Value

As the importance of data-driven decisions increases, there is an implied expectation that data in the hands of the business executives will be clearly understood. Although democratizing data can help everyone do their job more effectively, it is only possible if data literacy reaches across the board. Once data is thought of in business terms, it can easily be translated into business decisions. This session will open discussions surrounding the:

  • Adoption of data practices into an organization
  • Challenges of selling data science outcomes to senior executives
  • Ensuring the data science outcomes are aligned with business strategy
  • Ensuring the benefits into the business are understood and communicated
  • Translating the complex into the simple