Yarra Valley Lodge, Chirnside Park, Victoria, Australia
07 - 08 May, 2019

Assyl Haidar

Director of Digital and Data
University of Melbourne

9:40 AM Retaining, Training And Remunerating Staff To Ensure The Right Skill Sets Remain In The Business

Australia is going through a data scientist drought, with a low-supply, high-demand environment settling in. The focus
of businesses now is not just obtaining the right skill sets, but retaining them and instilling a sense of loyalty to the
business. In this panel, hear leaders discuss:

  • Strategies for retaining, training and remunerating staff
  • Instilling employee loyalty and trust to the business
  • Upskilling staff to deal with the Australian skills shortage

9:20 AM Finding The Balance Between Innovation And Ethics

Data is an integral part of business activities, but requires decisions to be made surrounding ethics, privacy, security and innovation. With so much going on it can be difficult to find an appropriate approach that does not result in conflicting interests. In this session, hear how the University of Melbourne are balancing this by:

  • Trialing Differential Privacy techniques to protect internal data
  • Making data available to the people who need it in a faster, more secure way
  • Tapping in to new technology to drive data and business processes forward